June 20, 2016

Fotona Gynecology Lasers

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With over 50 years of experience in laser technology, Fotona is recognized as an industry leader in developing innovative medical laser applications, working closely with top universities and research centres around the globe.

Fotona was the first manufacturer to introduce the Er:YAG wavelength in gynecology to improve upon the performance of CO2 lasers and enable more effective treatments. Fotona’s Er:YAG lasers, such as the FotonaSmooth XS, feature adjustable cold-to-hot ablation regimes to enable a greater degree of precision as well as controlled bleeding and coagulation effects.

Fotona’s multi-application FotonaSmooth SP lasers also includes the homogeneously absorbed Nd:YAG laser wavelength, which penetrates deeper into tissues to create a tightening effect. Combining both wavelengths has proven to be very successful in providing less invasive and more effective clinical and aesthetic gynecology treatments.

Numerous clinical studies by doctors which work with Fotona, prove the effectiveness and safety of Fotona SMOOTH laser therapy in gynecology.

Wide Range of Gynecology Treatments

Fotona lasers provide exceptional versatility – from gentle ablative to non-ablative thermal treatments. Safe, tested and proven solutions are available for a wide range of gynecological applications, from the simple removal of lesions, to bloodless high-precision cutting.

Procedures such as laser removal of HPV lesions from the cervix, condyloma treatments, balanitis treatments and various other laser surgeries can be successfully performed with Fotona lasers.

Fotona’s latest innovative solutions in laser technology have also led to the development of entirely new, minimally invasive gynecology treatments for incontinence (IncontiLase), vaginal relaxation syndrome (IntimaLase), genitourinary syndrome of menopause (RenovaLase) and pelvic organ prolapse (ProlapLase).

The Benefits of Fotona Lasers in Gynecology Include:
• Minimally invasive treatments
• Controled coagulation
• Greater patient comfort, less downtime and quicker healing
• A haemostatic effect with simultaneous disinfection
• Many treatments do not require anesthesia
• High-precision, tissue-selective treatments
• Easy access to difficult-to-reach areas

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  • G-runner™ Scanner

    G-runner™ Scanner

    The G-runner™ scanner is designed for automatic, precise and carefully controlled delivery of laser energy to the vaginal canal for more homogenous coverage of the vaginal mucosa. With procedure-guiding presets and touch control, G-runner eliminates errors and improves patient and operator comfort with all SMOOTH intravaginal procedures.

  • PS03 for Gynecology

    PS03 for Gynecology

    The PS03 handpiece is a variable spot-size handpiece with fixed pixel-size independent of the selected spot size. Spot sizes range from 2 to 7 mm with a fixed pixel structure within the laser spot; when the spot size is changed, the number of pixels inside the spot changes. The fluence in each pixel is set by selecting the fluence value on the host laser system display. The PS03 is also designed for use with specialized gynecological adapters for performing minimally invasive gynecological procedures.

  • R09-2G


    This multi-functional, collimated Er:YAG handpiece with a 4 mm spot size comes with a detachable and sterilizable tube specifically for gynecological procedures.

  • R27c


    Slightly smaller and more maneuverable than the R27, the R27c handpiece safely and precisely delivers Nd:YAG laser energy transmitted through optical fiber to the treatment site. The handpiece is intended for use with Fotona’s SP and XP lines of laser systems and any other Fotona laser systems that support QCW operation mode with 200 µm, 300 µm, 400 µm, 600 µm and 1000 µm fibers.

  • R33


    The R33 Nd:YAG handpiece has a variable flat-beam spot size from 2 to 10 mm.

  • Wireless Footswitch

    Wireless Footswitch

    With the wireless footswitch the laser treatment can be initiated within a 10-meter radius of the Fotona laser system, thereby avoiding an unnecessary tangle of cables on the operating room floor. The wireless footswitch is a perfect complement to your Fotona system, providing more freedom of movement during treatments.

  • R04-Ti


    The R04-Ti is a lightweight and durable Titanium range handpiece designed to safely and effectively deliver Fotona’s VSP Er:YAG laser to the treatment area. This straight aesthetics-and-dermatology handpiece comes with 5 spacers to create 3-mm, 5-mm, 7-mm, 10-mm and 12-mm spot sizes.

  • R08-Ti


    The R08-Ti straight, surgical Er:YAG handpiece has a 0.45 mm spot size at a focal distance determined by its spacer. It is available with or without a removable air/water spray nozzle.

  • R11 for Gynecology

    R11 for Gynecology

    This straight Er:YAG handpiece has variable spot sizes from 2 to 7 mm and is designed for use with specialized gynecological adapters for performing minimally invasive gynecological procedures.

  • G-Set


    The G-Set contains a laser speculum and angular + circular golden-mirror adapters for use with the PS03 and R11 handpieces. The G-Set is designed for performing minimally invasive gynecological treatments.


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