юни 20, 2016


Лазерни системи Fotona са признати за един от световните лидери в областта на медицинските лазерни технологии. Fotona работи в тясно сътрудничество с най-добрите университети и изследователски центрове по целия свят. С над 45 години опит в лазерна технология, хирургическите лазерни системи на Fotona водят до нови нива на съвършенство и ненадмината производителност.

Най-новото поколение на хирургически лазери предлага лечения, които са по-бързи, по-безопасни и по-малко агресивни. Лазерните решения са на разположение в широк диапазон на хирургични полета- от минимално инвазивни естетични хирургични процедури до по-сложни клинични хирургични процедури, като например ендовенозна лазерна аблация.

SP линията на лазери Fotona включва Er: YAG лазер (признат за най-оптимална дължина на вълната за изключително прецизен лазерен разрез, с контролирана температура на кръвосъсирване и кървене), както и Nd: YAG лазер за трансдермални естетични процедури.

Професионално проектираните наконечници са лесни за употреба и изключително прецизни, за да се осигури оптимална клинична ефективност и ненадминат контрол по време на различни хирургични процедури.

Ползите от хирургически лазери Fotona включват:

  • По-малко време за престой и по-бързо възстановяване
  • Кръвоспиращ ефект при едновременна дезинфекция
  • Минимално инвазивни процедури
  • Висока точност
  • Правилният лазер за Вашата практика

Fotona позволява на практикуващите да изберат технологична платформа, която най-добре отговаря на нуждите на своите пациенти.

Fotona предлага правилната комбинация от производителност и стойност за нуждите на Вашата практика.

  • F-22 Er:YAG scanner

    F-22 Er:YAG scanner

    The F-Runner is a computer-controlled scanning device, specially-developed to administer sharp fractional treatments unrivalled precision and accuracy. Its 250 µm diameter microchannels can reach up to 1100 µm deep into the skin and that over a 168 mm2 scan area.

  • S-22 Er:YAG scanner

    S-22 Er:YAG scanner

    The S-Runner features a 4mm spotsize and 16 cm2 area for conventional, full-field Er:YAG resurfacing. It features an ergonomic design and offers adjustable scan areas, shapes, patterns and 3 pulse deposition regimes to enhance treatment versatility, accuracy and precision over larger treatment areas.

  • S-11 Nd:YAG Scanner

    S-11 Nd:YAG Scanner

    The S-11 Nd:YAG scanner is intended for use in all Nd:YAG laser treatments. The S-11 scanner has a maximum scan area of 42cm2 covered with a 6 mm spotsize. The scanner also features a handle that can be adjusted by a range of up to 55°.

  • PS01


    The PS01 PST handpiece offers a unique fractional Er:YAG treatment modality. Its innovative optical technology allows the laser fluence of each individual pixel to gradually diminish from the center to the outer edge of each pixel. Transitions from areas of high to low fractional intensity on the skin are therefore soft and gradual, offering a „soft fractional“ effect. The PS01 is a variable PST (Pixel Screen Technology) handpiece that allows the number and size of pixels, as well as the overall spot size, to be varied. The handpiece can be set to provide 7, 10 and 12 mm treatment spot sizes. The PS01 fits in Fotona’s Titaniumhandpieces range, offering maximum durability and minimum weight.

  • PS02


    The PS02 handpiece adds a minimally ablative, fractional treatment effect to Fotona’s 9 basic VSP Er:YAG ablative treatment regimes. The Er:YAG laser’s quality and clinical effect within each individual pixel remain identical to that of the basic Er:YAG beam. The PS02 thus avoids the adverse effects related to the invasiveness of purely ablative and fractional treatments. The handpiece provides 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12 mm treatment spot sizes. The PS02 is a fixed pixel-number and coverage handpiece that fits in Fotona’s Titanium range, featuring maximum durability with minimum weight.

  • PS03


    The PS03 handpiece is a variable spot size handpiece, with fixed pixel-size, independent of the selected spot size. Spot sizes range from 2 to 7 mm with a fixed pixel structure within the laser spot; when the spot size is changed, the number of pixels inside the spot changes. The fluence in each pixel is set by selecting the fluence value on the host laser system display.

  • R04-Ti


    The R04-Ti is a lightweight and durable Titanium range handpiece designed to safely and effectively deliver Fotona’s VSP Er:YAG laser to the treatment area. This straight aesthetics-and-dermatology handpiece comes with 5 spacers to create 3-mm, 5-mm, 7-mm, 10-mm and 12-mm spot sizes.

  • R08-Ti


    The R08-Ti straight, surgical Er:YAG handpiece has a 0.45 mm spot size at a focal distance determined by its spacer. It is available with or without a removable air/water spray nozzle.

  • R09-2, R09-3

    R09-2, R09-3

    The R09-2 Er:YAG handpiece is a multi-functional, collimated handpiece with a 4 mm spot size. The R09-3 model has a 5 mm spot size. This means that the surface area that can be treated is 7 mm2 greater than with the R09-2.

  • R09-2G


    This multi-functional, collimated Er:YAG handpiece with a 4 mm spot size comes with a detachable and sterilizable tube specifically for gynecological procedures.

  • R11


    This dermatological, straight Er:YAG handpiece has a variable spot sizes from 2 to 7 mm. The R11 handpiece is also available as part of the Fidelis Aesthetic Upgrade package for the Fidelis dental laser systems. This package offers dental surgeries the opportunity to offer patients popular facial aesthetic procedures.

  • R27


    The R27 handpiece safely delivers Nd:YAG laser energy transmitted through optical fiber to the treatment site. The handpiece is intended for use with Fotona’s SP and XP line laser systems and any other Fotona laser systems that support QCW operation mode with 400 µm,  600 µm  and 1000 µm fibers.

  • R27c


    Slightly smaller and more maneuverable than the R27, the R27c handpiece safely and precisely delivers Nd:YAG laser energy transmitted through optical fiber to the treatment site. The handpiece is intended for use with Fotona’s SP and XP lines of laser systems and any other Fotona laser systems that support QCW operation mode with 200 µm, 300 µm, 400 µm, 600 µm and 1000 µm fibers.

  • FS01


    The FS01 is an Er:YAG dermatological, fractional, straight handpiece with a matrix of 9×9 equidistant pixels covering an area of 8.8 mm square.

  • R31


    The R31 Nd:YAG zoom handpiece offers variable spot sizes from 2 to 10 mm.

  • R33


    The R33 Nd:YAG handpiece has a variable flat-beam spot size from 2 to 10 mm.

  • R34


    The R34 Nd:YAG handpiece offers a choice between 15 mm and 20 mm spot sizes.

  • Wireless Footswitch

    Wireless Footswitch

    With the wireless footswitch the laser treatment can be initiated within a 10-meter radius of the Fotona laser system, thereby avoiding an unnecessary tangle of cables on the operating room floor. The wireless footswitch is a perfect complement to your Fotona system, providing more freedom of movement during treatments.

  • TBH BF9, Suction unit

    TBH BF9, Suction unit

    This suction unit efficiently absorbs gases, particles, viruses and bacteria, as well as unpleasant odors, during laser treatment. All these microorganisms are kept in the filter system and cannot be released back into the air.

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Endovenous Laser Ablation Workshop

(dates scheduled upon request)
Ljubljana, Slovenia / Otočec, Slovenia

Laser Lipolysis & Hyperhidrosis Workshop

10 April 2017 – 11 April 2017
Daruvar, Croatia / Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hemorrhoid Laser Treatment Workshop

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Warsaw, Poland

Lipolysis, Hyperhidrosis & EVLA Workshop

22 May 2017 – 23 May 2017
Ljubljana, Slovenia / Daruvar, Croatia

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